Annual Forms

Annual MEMBER forms are live!

Each season, we require all members to complete an annual membership form. The purpose of the form is to validate ownership and contact information, gather boat, boater or renter information and receive your signed acknowledgement of the rules and regulations. We appreciate your patience and support. You will need to populate a few things (qualifying address, contact info etc.) that we already know. This effort will help validate our records, but also make things very easy for you next year. The information you input this year will pre populate on your form next year further expediting the annual forms process. All in, the form takes less than 5 minutes to complete if you have all of your information handy. There are instructional videos attached below. MAKE SURE YOU sign the form on the website, it will be the last item requesting you to do so, don't miss it.

Once these forms are submitted, approved and fees are paid; keys will be available for pickup at the Association office.

There are two types of forms and depending on how you use your slip license will determine which form you need to fill out. 

The two types of forms are as follows:

1. Slip License Owner & Operator:
For people who use their own boat and do not rent out their slip. Click Here

2. Slip License Owner NON Operator:
For People who DO NOT use their boat slip and YOU RENT it out.
Click Here

    • If you rent your slip out, do not complete your form until you know who your renter is as your renter contact information is required to complete your form.
    • Once you have your renter identified, complete the form providing their contact info. TKBHA will email your renter directly with a link to complete THEIR form and provide boat information etc.

What you will need to complete your annual form:

  1. Contact Info (Qualifying Address, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers and Emails)
  2. Boat Owner Information (Contact info, Registered Address)
  3. Boat Information (Registration number, Type, Make, Model, Year, Color)
  4. Insurance Information:
    1. Policy Expiration Date
    2. General Liability Limits ($500k Minimum)
    3. Property Damage Limits ($)
    4. A copy of your declarations page proving the above as well as naming Tahoe Keys Beach & Harbor as additionally insured.
  5. Renter Information (If applicable)
    1. Renter Name
    2. Renter Email Address
    3. Renter Phone Number

MAKE SURE YOU sign the form on the website, it will be the last item requesting you to do so, don't miss it. Then hit the blue Save button at the top of the window.  If you sign and click save, then you are done!

With Regards To your renter: You can advise your renter that they will need to provide all the information required in steps 2 through 4 above when we contact them to complete their annual renter form.


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