Lake Tahoe Map & TRPA Boating App

To view “the Lake” from high atop Google’s crow’s nest, about 370 miles up, click “satellite” in the upper left.  To view full-screen, click the icon in the upper right.

If you’re new to Lake Tahoe, this map may come in handy as you plan your day on “the Lake.”  As you ponder your day, you first might want to review our Lake Tahoe Fun Facts. There’s all kinds of interesting “fun facts.”

That big red teardrop?  That’s our home on the Lake.

TRPA Interactive Boating App
Check out and learn more about TRPA’s Tahoe Boating App for your iPhone or Android mobile device.  It includes an interactive map showing your position relative to no-wake zones, restroom facilities, where you can purchase fuel, and points of interest on Lake Tahoe.

We think one of the niftiest features in the app is the points of interest.  The interactive app will guide you to various points of interest on the lake, including the deepest point on the lake! There are many more interesting locations... think of it as a self-guided tour of the lake.