Fueling Your Boat - No Don't Do It

Association Fueling Restrictions
Like any other body of water, fueling your boat on Lake Tahoe can present serious environmental and safety concerns.  In compliance with local requirements, the Tahoe Keys Beach and Harbor Association does not permit fueling boats at our docks.  As a reminder, each gate leading to our docks clearly states fueling at our docks is prohibited.

Primary Lake Tahoe Water Quality Oversight
The Lahontan Regional California Water Board and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) are the local agencies with primary oversight responsibility for the waters of Lake Tahoe.  TRPA Code of Ordinances (section 84.6.3.A3) state that boats may only be fueled at a marina, as defined in their regulations.  Within the East Cove waterways, the only marina providing fueling services is the Tahoe Keys Marina and Yacht Club.  Their fueling dock is located near the commercial businesses serving our waterways.

When Fuel Spills Occur
If you are aware of a fuel, oil, or pollutant spill of any amount into the waters of Lake Tahoe, please notify emergency services  - call 911.
They will contact the appropriate agencies depending on the spill location.  If you are responsible for the contamination, you may be subject to civil legal action, including remediation costs and monetary fines rendered by the TRPA and the Lahontan Regional California Water Board.

For more information regarding safety recommendations and clean fueling practices when fueling your boat visit the California Division of Boating and Waterways.